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Puja Timings and details of Shri Samsthanam

In Shri Samsthanam, Mahapuja is performed two times in a day – morning puja at 8 AM and night puja at 8 PM. Most of the days, the Holy Seer performs puja and gives prasadam. For Shri Datta, Shri Anjaneya, Shri Subrahmanya, various services are performed. On solar transition, mass gayatri homa is performed.

There is provision of meals two times for the devotees visiting Shri Samsthanam. For that purpose a plan of permanent meals supply is designed.

In Shri Samsthanam, there is a provision for permanent puja performed on behalf of devotees. Devotees can pay 1501/- Rs and perform puja on their preferred days. On the appointed day, they can come to perform puja and receive prasadam. If they are unable to come, the puja will be performed on behalf of the registered member of the family and the prasadam will be sent through a postal parcel.

Rangapuja is performed on special days. In Shri Samsthanam, silver chariot seva, ashlesha bali, sudarshana homa, swayamvara parvati puja, guru puja, maha mrityunjaya havana, pavamana homa, graha dosha nivarana puja-havana and anna prashana sevas can be performed.

Shree Kshetra conducts Pujas and Sevas regularly and a list of the same is given below.

1 Special Seva with Annadaana on Saturdays and Sankramana days Rs. 25001.00
2 One day Full Seva (with Annadaana) Rs. 10001.00
3 Shashwatha Nitya Pooja Rs. 1501.00
4 Ranga Pooja Rs. 1501.00
5 Sarva Seva Rs. 501.00
6 Kalpoktha Pooja Rs. 501.00
7 Shree Gayathri havana (on Sankramana day) Rs. 501.00
8 Satuarday Special Puja  Rs. 251.00
9 Sankramana Special Puja Rs. 251.00
10 Tulabhara (Except Materials) Rs. 101.00
11 Rudhrabhisheka(on Saturaday-Morning) Rs. 101.00
12 Shree Ganapathi Havana (on Sankashtahara Chathurthi Day-Morning) Rs. 101.00
13 Sri Dattanjaneya Pooja Rs. 101.00
14 Shree Guru Padukaa Puja (Saturday) Rs. 101.00
15 Special Pooja to Sri Anjaneya Swamy Rs. 51.00
16 Guru Pooja Rs. 51.00
17 Special Pooja to Sri Vajramatha Rs. 51.00
18 Nagathambila (On Sankramana day-Morning) Rs. 51.00
19 Hannukayi Rs. 35.00
20 Pushpanjali Rs. 25.00
21 Apakajjaya(on Sankashtahara Chathurthi Day) Rs. 25.00
22 Laddu Seva Rs. 21.00
23 Panchakajjaya Rs. 15.00
24 Kumkumarchane Rs. 12.00
25 Sindhoorarchane Rs. 12.00
26 Karthika Puja Rs. 12.00
27 Annapraashana (on Sankramana day-Noon) Rs. 12.00
28 Theertha Prasada Rs. 12.00


* Other, specific/ regular pujas will also be conducted and could arranged for upon request.
* On Sankramana day’s puja is performed at noon.
* Every Saturday, a special puja is performed at night.
* Devotees may have Darshan of Shri Swamiji on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.


Please contact us or call us in advance, to arrange for special pujas.

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The divine power, success, achievements, sacrifice, courage, spirituality, social thinking and humble service of his holiness have contributed a lot to the success of the Shree Samsthanam.

Shree Gurudevananda Swamiji
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